About Me

For some time, I’ve felt that in my position as CTO of a $100+ million software company, I need to communicate more. However, as the consummate technogeek, communication is not my forté. Architecture, design, innovative solutions to complex problems, process maturity – these I’m good at. But communications are frankly hard for me.

I have a lot of experience in technology – I spent my whole life in it. And I feel like there are things that I can say that would be valuable to others. I’m in a leadership position in my organization so I have to be careful what I say and how I say it. But I have a perspective on large technology organizations that is different from everyone else’s. I see things differently because of my position and that difference in perspective should provide value to others (particularly senior architect types).

At one point in my company, I found myself in charge of IT. I love IT. I know that I have a lot to say about IT that can be valuable. I even have a few things to say about IT that non-technologists should find useful. So, I decided to write a blog. It makes for a good experiment for me since I don’t do a lot of social networking and it seemed like a good idea to try out a few things.

I’ve titled the blog “CTO-Craft: Representing the business in technology matters” because that’s really the difference in perspective I bring. I love technology but I can’t afford to be in love with it. I have to be in love with the business side of things. I’m finally responsible for making those decisions that annoyed me when I was a programmer. They seem more reasonable now. This blog will definitely have a technology bent but a strong business flavor.

I’ve started a list of topics and as situations hit me during my travels from place to place, I’ll add more. Stay tuned. I don’t know how often I’ll post but I have some topics planned and I hope to be able to make some time now and again.